Fishing and Hunting Report for November 3 to November 9

Memories were made on the Tuckasegee River (the Tuck) during our float from Webster to Dillsboro where we landed 25 northern-strain brook trout! One fish measured over 14 inches with the rest falling in the 10- to 13-inch range—far beyond the size of our native Southern Appalachian brookies. All along, these wild fish seemed spellbound by our double-nymph rig—an olive Zebra Midge and white egg thrown under a strike indicator. Low water had us creeping along at about 100 cubic feet per second (cfs) and although we got stuck a few times, we left the river with stories for our grandchildren.

Later in the week, flow releases brought our floating up to 800 cfs on our cruise from Grumpy Bear Campground to Deep Creek. Our buddy’s custom fly—a Jumpin’ Jack Flash—was a big hit with the rainbows most of which measured 12 to 13 inches.

Off-water, we wandered the picturesque rolling hills of Brush Creek with Thunder, our canine companion who ran us ragged chasing a squirrel for 350 yards. In the end, Thunder treed four of these wily critters whose moxie kept them well-hidden by the dense foliage. We saw two of them and bagged one—nowhere near enough for Brunswick stew, but a start, no less.

We expect the Tuck to be crowded this weekend around the Bryson City area which was stocked on November 3. Hopefully, evening flow releases will result in better floating. Daytime temperatures will be in the mid- to high-seventies and with showers in the forecast, you’ll want to pack a rain jacket.

Have wonderful weekends!

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