Fishing Report for September 1 to September 7

At the Smokies’ Noland Creek trailhead, our first cast off the bridge landed a shimmering foot-long rainbow. From then on, we found action everywhere—behind rocks, in deep and shallow pockets, and along the edges of riffles and runs, sticking with the same fly—our trusty Parachute Adams.

But Noland Creek casts a disorienting spell over many anglers, making it difficult to fish sometimes. The sheer beauty of this stream is unfathomable, from the seductive whisper of its water to the dark seclusion provided by a dense canopy of interwoven vines and branches that allows only a smattering of light to bleed through. The fish are uncommonly smart. We lost as many as we caught.

Elsewhere in western North Carolina mountain streams, our Euro-nymphing yielded an enviable collection of browns and bows. We had excellent results with a mocha Girdle Bug and a Hot Head Pheasant Tail. In private waters, a funky neon-yellow nymph with a double-bead head captured the imaginations of several rainbows.

This weekend, pack a raincoat because there’s showers in the forecast. For trout, you might try Chasteen Creek, Bradley Fork or the Oconaluftee River (The Luftee) where we’d recommend mop flies, red and pink Squirmy Worms, Purple Hazes, and Stimulators. Or you might try Noland Creek for an enthralling, all-consuming encounter with the natural world.

Bowhunters, just a reminder—archery deer season begins on September 10. To book a bowhunting experience with one of our guides, call us at 1-888-852-6842.

Have wonderful weekends!

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