Tuckasegee River Fly Fishing Report 1/17 to 1/23

What a week it has been for the Western North Carolina region! The snow we had last weekend never really had a chance to become “run-off.” Most of it simply evaporated in the sun. We did have another round yesterday morning here in Bryson City. Large, clumpy flakes and that beautiful gray sky that has the slightest blue hue. We are experiencing a normal January weather pattern for the Smoky Mountains.

It goes without saying, it has been cold for us and cold for the trout. The nice part, even though it has been cold, the Tuckasegee River has still been fishing well. Since it’s a tailwater, the water temps are milder, and the conditions more stable for trout.

Cold water doesn’t stop the big boys and girls from coming out to play. Big trout eat big streamers, so never leave home without a sinking poly leader, and a handful of streamer patterns. The old faithful, standard Delayed Harvest flies are always productive, too.

Inside the guides boxes-

Wet Flies-

#8-12- Pat’s Rubber Legs (coffee/black or coffee/tan)

#14-18- Pink, Orange, or Yellow Hot Spot Egg

#14-18- CDC Frenchie (Shrimp Pink)

#20-24- Top Secret Midge

#10-14 Tan Mop

#14-18- France Fly

#12-16- Squirmy Worm (red or pink)

#12-18- Hot Bead Flashback Pheasant Tail

#14-18- Sexy Walt’s Worm (tan or natural gray)

#20-24- Jujubee Midge (olive)


#8-10- Sculpzilla (white or black)

#4-8- Game Changer (white or black)

#4-10- Drunk & Disorderly (white or black)

#4-8- Dungeon (white or black)

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