Awesome Luck On The Tuck!

The Tuckasegee River (the Tuck) is teeming with fish! Big ones, too! We’re at the peak of Delayed Harvest 2023, so book a trip with us soon while your odds of landing a trophy trout are excellent!

On November 2, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) stocked the Tuck for the final time this calendar year. Since then, the trout have been smacking our nymphs and streamers from mid-morning till sundown. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve guided an array of anglers, some of whom never held a flyrod, and they’ve brought in hefty rainbows and brown trout while wading and floating with us. On a walk-and-wade trip, a family of five pulled in more that 20 fish on a half-day outing.

Whenever wading, avoid bright colors and be as stealthy as possible when moving through water and stepping over rocks and fallen trees. One young angler did just that and landed a 25-inch rainbow on an articulated streamer!

Yesterday, we mixed things up and did some euro nymphing in the Bryson City section of the Tuck. In just under two hours we’d reeled in 20 bows and browns ranging 7 to 14 inches!

Despite low water levels and flow rates ranging from 580 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 480 cfs, a recent float trip yielded more than 50 fish using mostly nymphs, specifically the Rainbow Warrior (#20) and Prince Nymph (#18). On this outing, a Sicklefin Redhorse (pictured below) caught us by surprise, a rare treat given that this fish is limited to five North Carolina counties and was first stumbled upon in 1992.

When we’re not fishing, you’ll find us hunting geese in anticipation of our buddy Matt’s scrumptious, inimitable jerky. Also, mark your calendars—in less than two weeks, rifle season for deer will open on November 20.

We wish you all amazing adventures, fun and fellowship during the upcoming holiday season!
Your Friends at Katala Outdoors

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