Fishing and Hunting Report for November 17 to November 23

Replenished by much-needed rain, the Tuckasegee River (the Tuck) offered favorable floating once again. In Dillsboro, we cruised a steady 700 cubic feet per second (cfs) and landed more than a dozen brookies and rainbows feasting on Girdle Bugs, eggs and streamers. Further downstream, the flow rate more than doubled in Bryson City where the water color resembled sweet tea. The fish didn’t seem to mind. We caught several trout measuring 15 inches or more.

Off-river, Thunder led us on a 6.1-mile journey through National Forest Service game lands and treed 18 squirrels. But those wily critters weren’t easy to see in late-fall foliage and ankle-deep leaf litter, so one hunter put his gun aside and became a dedicated spotter. In the end, we left with 15 squirrels to add to a holiday feast of fried hindquarters, gumbo and Brunswick stew.

Be sure to bundle up this weekend. The water will be cold due to low evening temps, but the days should be sunny with highs in the mid-forties. With water levels up, you’ll cover more of the river floating, and the trout should be hitting Girdle Bugs, eggs and streamers. Hunters, dust off your rifles. Gun season opens for deer on Sunday.

Have wonderful weekends!

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