Fishing Report for 12/26 through 1/1

We are finally seeing some long-awaited rain. The warm weather trend continues with record highs. We’re still catching plenty of fish on dry flies, along with everything else we’ve thrown. We have a deep plunge in temps late this weekend. We may even have some snow. With such a drastic change in weather, fishing conditions are going to drastically change. One of the really fun aspects of fishing in snow or flurries, is the dry fly action on Blue Winged Olive Mayflies. Olive colored Parachute Adams are very productive, and any midge pattern in the size 20-24 range are seeing plenty of action. Little Black Stoneflies have been hatching, too. We have had plenty of BWO hatches in the heat, but coming up soon we’ll be having the traditional Wintertime Southern Appalachian fishing conditions.

Clear water and cold weather call for long leaders and fine tippet for dry fly fishing. Having a size 18 BWO emerger on the surface tied to 6x tippet, and dropping a size 20-24 midge off of the dry with 7x tippet is very effective. It is finesse fishing at its finest, so you’ll need figure out how much pressure you can keep on the fish with that size tippet and the weight of your rod.

As Winter conditions evolve, I’ll keep you up to date on the trends and techniques that we’re utilizing to put fish in the net.

From the Katala Team, we wish the world a Happy New Year!!!

Thank you for being here with us.

Josh Whorton

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