Fishing and Hunting Report for December 1 to December 7

‘Tis the season for awaiting that target eight-point buck while younger ones traipse past the blind. In the forest, alone with our thoughts, we’re blessed with nature’s offerings, breathing the seasonal aroma of decaying leaves and other detritus shed by the Smokies’ flora and fauna.

‘Tis the season for chasing Thunder, our reserve world champion Mountain Cur, as he bursts into action near the Tsali Trailhead, pursuing squirrels through miles of naked trees. Visibility is crystal clear on these brisk, late-fall afternoons accompanied by echoes of crunching leaf litter and still silences, broken by our buddy’s frenzied excitement while we lumber along behind him. Thunder lives for these moments. He can’t get enough of them. Neither can we.

‘Tis the season of the unexpected when the Tuckasegee River (the Tuck) rolls at 5570 cubic feet per second (cfs)—much too perilous for floating now, but hopefully the upcoming weekend will offer safe cruising and clearer water.

‘Tis the season of priceless rewards from treasured outdoor pastimes.

Have wonderful weekends!

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