Fishing Report for September 22 to September 28

The cooler mountain air is thick with anticipation as the most exciting trout-fishing event of the year approaches—the Delayed Harvest program! In a just few weeks, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission will begin stocking selected rivers and streams across twenty counties where frigid fall and winter water temps ensure the well-being of these fish. You’ll find us fishing the Tuckasegee River (the Tuck) which will be loaded with Brookies, Browns and Bows! We prefer floating the Tuck since it enables us to target our favorite honey holes and explore more of the river.

This year, the initial stocking of the Tuck is scheduled for October 10 with a subsequent round on November 3. From October to early-June, anglers fishing the Tuck must use single-hook artificial lures and adhere to catch-and-release rules. But serious anglers willing to fish in colder weather should have excellent results since there’s less pressure on the water and live bait is prohibited. Some of our cold-natured friends seem to forget that trout thrive in cold water!

So start booking fall and winter trips and plan on dressing in layers. In preparation for these exhilarating times ahead, stock up on mop flies, girdle bugs, egg patterns, and squirmy worms. Grab your toboggans and bundle up with an eye toward catching lots of trout and landing that lunker of a lifetime!

Last call for young deer hunters! Remember—this Saturday, September 24, is Youth Deer Hunting Day! If you’re 17 years old or younger, you can use guns or any other legal equipment to hunt deer of either sex.

Have wonderful weekends!

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