Fishing Report for August 18 to August 24

Panther Creek, an uncharted stream of Fontana Lake, is full of rainbow trout! And when the first bow smacked our Thunderhead, no one seemed happier than Sunny, our young canine companion. In the solitude of that untouched stream, our dachshund friend’s amusement was an unexpected perk as we reeled in an impressive afternoon catch.

At Noland Creek, we added Pheasant Tails and Hare’s Ears to our Thunderhead to create a ravishing dry-dropper that snared foot-long browns lying beneath overhanging rocks and behind dead logs. Better water flows and a solid canopy of trees provided ideal cover for wading and more freedom of movement overall.

Now that the Tuckasegee River (The Tuck) is too warm for trout, those fish have relocated to the cooler waters of The Tuck’s Deep Creek tributary. There, another dry-dropper—a Golden Stone Fly (#8) with a green Caddis underneath—helped land us a nice mix of bows and browns; unfortunately, our wades in the Oconaluftee River (The Luftee) proved uneventful due to the excessively warm water and crowds of people.

This weekend should be good for fishing now that the weather’s cooling and the lunchtime lull is shorter. Be sure to pack a rain jacket and keep in mind that feeding patterns will shift somewhat as the fish make adjustments to upcoming seasonal changes.

Have wonderful weekends!

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